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How to Get Around the Acoustic Atlas Experience

The EXPERIENCE page is where you will find the virtual acoustic web application. In case you need a little help getting around, here are a few pointers:

THE CONTROLSearth globe controller with dots representing locations and instructions to single click or zoom to go closer and fast double click to enter a site SEARCHfind the 'next' button in the bottom left to flick to the next site or use the 'search' button next to it to search via text according to category i.e. theatres or cathedras or caves or location i.e.Italy or Africa

Controls nside a location:
MIC INPUT & MUSIC PLAYERfurther explanations of bottom crontrol strip: click on the 'mic' icon to mute or unmute the microphone and next to it. Some sites also contain ambient recording or music tracks, click on the 'tracks' icon to listen and set the volume

REVERB LEVEL & RECORDINGuse the 'reverb' button to adjust the amount of reverb you will hear and use the 'record' button next to it to record your voice. after your are done you will have the option to save or delete the recording to your own device

INFO Information about researchers, publications, acoustic data and location can be accessed via the 'info' button

LISTENING POSITIONSwhen there are more than one room position you can access them via the thumbnail images above the control strip in the left bottom corner

Most importantly: make some sound/sing/talk to hear the reverb.

Why enable my device’s microphone? Your browser will request that you give permission to enable the microphone. The mic signal will be processed so that your voice/signal can echo/reverberate in the selected virtual space.

What about privacy? This website can not record your voice, not even temporarily. Instead the audio processing happens locally on your device. If you like to record a cave song or cathedral song, you can use the record function in the sound controls and save this audio to your device. Else it automatically is erased when you close the window.

Why is it better to listen via headphones? Because of the active microphone input, it can cause a feedback loop and result in very loud noise which is mostly undesirable.

Please note This is web application - doing rather complex processing in the browser! We are trying to ensure it is compatible with most browsers on most relatively new devices including phones.

If anything does not load or seem to work please try to refresh your browser. Upon second load things should be fine again. If not, try to use another browser or please get in touch with the research team.