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Our community

Acoustic Atlas aims to share the amazing work of acoustic researchers in a listenable format. Here you can find some information on each contributor with links to their projects. As the artistic content is added over time, information about these artists and other involved contributors will be shared in here as well. Please contact Acoustic Atlas if you wish to participate in any way.

  • Angel Alvarez-Corbacho

    Architect and Acoustician , Ángel Álvarez-Corbacho contributed virtual acoustic for the Roman Theatre of Regina Turdulorum.

  • Cobi van Tonder

    Artist & Marie S Curie Research fellow creating and curating Acoustic Atlas. I am obsessed with reverb - which is the persistence of sound, the invisible image created by the acoustics of a space and the music that rings in such vast emptiness.

  • Colleen Morgan

    Digital Archaologist Dr. Colleen Morgan, from the Dept of Archaeology (UoY) contributed Leica Laser 3D scanning sessions of Dowkerbottom Cave and Ingleborough Cave. She conducts research on digital media and archaeology, with a special focus on embodiment, avatars, genetics and bioarchaeology.

  • Damian Murphy

    Damian Murphy is Professor in Sound and Music Computing at the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York, where he has been a member of academic staff since 2000, and is the University Research Champion for Creativity. He started his career in the Performing Arts Department at Harrogate College and has previously held positions at Leeds Metropolitan University and Bretton Hall College. His research focuses on virtual acoustics, spatial audio, physical modelling, and audio signal processing.


    EMARX focuses his artistic production on the study of acoustic and sound space, especially from his ability to generate affection through perceptual memory. He is currently part of the Barcelona Patrimoni Acustic collective dedicated to promoting the importance of this heritage in Catalonia.

  • Gino Iannace

    Prof Gino Iannace from the Università della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" Dipartimento di Architettura e Disegno Industriale, together with his team contributed the Witches Valley and the Cumanean Sibyl.

  • Lidia Alvarez-Morales

    Expert in room and heritage acoustics, Dr. Alvarez-Morales contributed acoustic measurements for four UK Cathedrals.

  • Mariana Lopez

    Senior Lecturer in Sound Production and Post Production at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. Academic supervisor for Acoustic Atlas. Dr. Mariana Lopez is also a sound designer, engineer and field recordist and has used virtual acoustics in practice as a means to understanding medieval drama.

  • Mathias Klenner

    PUC Architect, Doctoral Student in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, ​​co-director of the Espacios Resonantes project, member of the UDLA Nucleus of Language and Creation and founding member of the collective of architects TOMA. Klenner's main area of ​​artistic development has been the intersection of sound, space and society through performance and media arts.

  • Pablo Cuadrado

    Creative coder, musician and designer. Director at EveryPixelHurts. Contributed to the UI design and all round development of this website and the Acoustic Atlas Experience.

  • Paulina Lewinska

    I am a Postdoctoral researcher in computer vision. I have taken part in two summer polar expeditions to Svalbard. One to UMCS Polar Base Calypso in Bellsund and another to the Polar Polish Station Hornsund. I was also a part of the Polish Scientific Expedition to Peru, to the Valley of The Volcanoes. I work on data acquisition and processing, historical data processing and spatial data integration.


    The SIPARIO team consist of Lamberto Tronchin, Elia Bonomi, Simone Campanini, Diego Cattaneo and Francesca Merli from CIRI-EC (University of Bologna, Italy); Angelo Farina, Antonella Bevilacqua, Enrico Armelloni and Adriano Farina from CIDEA (University of Parma, Italy); Ilaria Berardi, Roberto Giani, Alessandro Martinetti and Marco Dolci from CSA. SIPARIO contributed the Italian theatres and Opera-houses.

  • Sofía Balbontín

    Architect and sound artist, co-director of the Espacios Resonantes project and member of the UDLA Nucleus of Language and Creation team. Her work focuses mainly on research that explores the interaction between space and sound, elaborating from this intersection experimental proposals around music, video, performance and installation.