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Acoustic Atlas Digital Arts & Research Team

Cobi playing a coinch shell in Peru.

Dr. Cobi van Tonder

Artist, researcher, creator and director for Acoustic Atlas.

Cobi is an interdisciplinary artist who has presented her works worldwide, including concerts and exhibitions in Japan, Korea, USA, Ireland, UK, Germany, South Africa and Greece. Her innovative art/science hybrid projects involve the creation of new technological interfaces or software to enable artistic ideas. She explores diverse avenues of listening as art-making space as ‘expanded listening’.

Works include interactive musical experiences such as sensor enabled gumboot dance (Ephemeral Gumboots); sensor enabled Bluetooth skateboards with a Max/MSP gesture recognition system that map skateboard moves to musical gestures (Skatesonic); network connected live acoustic spaces (Audio Tunnel & The Persistence of Sound) and infrasound music experienced through lying down on a bed (Infrasoundbed). Her compositions since 2011 revolve around microtonal drone music that explore difference tones and beating patterns (Gala and Mutation II), sonic illusions (Fata Morgana for female choir and computer), and recursive layers of convolution reverb in Goodbye Anthill (2018) for voice and computer to expand the textural qualities of the drone. A large section of her PhD thesis was dedicated to spatiality in sound as well as the use of acoustics as a prominent musical parameter. Working with the acoustics of actual heritage spaces, lends a focused context and purpose to the music that she feels is often missing in electronic music.

Cobi is the main contact for any questions, suggestions, contributions and collaboration, so please get in touch via the e-mail address below.

Mariana adjusting a loudspeaker in a church.

Dr. Mariana Lopez

Senior Lecturer in Sound Production and Post Production.

Dr. Mariana Lopez is a Senior Lecturer in Sound Production and Postproduction at the Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media at the University of York. She specialises in acoustical heritage as well as sound design and accessibility. She was the Principal Investigator for the AHRC-funded project ‘Enhancing Audio Description‘ and the British Academy-funded project ‘The Soundscapes of the York Mystery Plays.’ She has been awarded a £1m grant by the AHRC as Principal Investigator for the project 'Enhancing Audio Description II: Implementing accessible, personalised and inclusive film and TV experiences for visually impaired audiences', a project starting in November 2021.

She is the supervisor for Acoustic Atlas and has also supervised two further MSC Fellowships, working with Dr Lidia Alvarez Morales on 'Cathedral Acoustics' and with Dr Arne Nykänen on ‘Safe and Sound Drive – Design of a serious game for cars to help increase driver skills and lower fuel consumption.’